Convenience Store Construction

Petro Construction Company in Charlotte, NC, understands that design, build and construction of retail gas stations and convenience stores is amongst the most demanding of building projects and demands the creation of detailed and site-specific plans.  Our site planning and site design team members approach gas station and convenience store construction from the approach of convenience to the customer, commercially viable to the operator and entirely compatible with state and local regulations.

Important Steps to Successful Convenience Store Construction and Site Planning

  • Site selection – traffic count, visibility and access are keys with selecting premium convenience store building 1545 copy2sites.  Our team can work closely with you in helping you evaluate and select ideal building sites.
  • Corner locations – corner locations with at least 250 feet of frontage have emerged as an industry-wide accepted minimum for establishing peak performance conditions.
  • Site visibility – the ideal site visibility should have at least 1/3-mile in any direction with easy access from as many entry points as possible.  Sign advertising is critical in attracting traffic.
  • Fuel dispensers – how many fuel dispensers will you need?  Will your staffing be able to monitor 8 or 12 vehicles fueling at one time?  Will you want to offer diesel fuel to diesel customers?
  • Energy requirements – will you operate 24/7?  How many cooling units and cooling storage units will you need?  Will you serve hot food? We will help you identify energy-saving design + build techniques that can optimize your energy consumption plan for maximum efficiency.

Call us today at 704-966-4135, or email us at, or reach us from our Contact page. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you build your next retail fuel and convenience store package.