As quickly as our economy is growing and evolving, the trends in convenience stores for 2014 are changing as well.  “According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, consumer purchasing characteristics are evolving to change with new product advertising and new fuels in the marketplace,” says David Mozeley, president of Petro-Construction Company in Charlotte, NC.  “The modern convenience store is such a reflection of our fast-paced and instant gratification lifestyles, so evolution in purchasing trends and new product introductions will help keep the fast pace.”

Trends to Watch in Convenience Stores

1.  Driving vehicles continues to decline – Trends are showing that convenience stores will be selling less fuel because customers are driving less overall.  Car pooling and public transportation alternatives are rising as quickly as fuel costs have.

2.  Image change inside the stores –  Convenience stores continue to add new and revolutionary product lines beyond the bare essentials, and this trend is causing an overall image change in perception of the traditional convenience store models of yesterday.

3.  Say hello to upscaling  –  Store designs deliver convenience in modern style with contemporary interior design trends and more fancy product packaging and displays.

4.  Alternative fuels are on the horizon  –  The viability of some alternative fuels should become more clear as large companies work to discover less expensive fuel alternatives to decrease our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

5.  Grab-and-go eating  –  More consumers are eating smaller portions when they’re hungry, rather than a traditional three meals a day.  This means that healthier snacking options like sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, smoothies and small portion sizes of food will become increasingly more popular.

6.  Tobacco twists hit the cigarette counter  –  E-cigarettes are a growing category, especially in larger metropolitan areas.  Watch for this trend to pick up speed as more electronic cigarettes hit the store shelves and begin a fight for precious space.

Whatever the trends in convenience store marketing or construction are, you can trust all of us here at Petro-Construction in Charlotte, NC to continue to provide the industry’s best consulting, construction and design-build services.