Site Planning

Design, build and construction of retail petroleum and convenience stores is amongst the most demanding of building projects and demands the creation of detailed and site-specific plans.

Our site planning and site design team members approach gas station and convenience store construction from the approach of convenience to the customer, commercially viable to the operator and entirely compatible with state and local regulations.Gas station and convenience store construction grading with Petro-Construction in Charlotte, NC.

Site Location – site selection is the most fundamental aspect for any new retail gas station and convenience store construction project.  Two of the top key considerations are proximity to residential and educational locations.

Site Access – easy entrance and exit points are vital and must fall within all regulations pertaining to curb cuts, ease of traffic congestion and proximity to adjacent property.

Site Fuel Storage Areas – Petro-Construction is one of the only construction companies that provide full-service tank site selection, placement, installation and connection.

Site Forecourt – selecting the physical location of the fuel pumps and canopies.

Store Envelope – How many public parking spaces must be included for every 1,000 square feet of building area?  We have the answers.

Site Signage – Many fuel franchises require a particular amount of site signage.  Will your site allow this and match local ordinances?  We have the answers.

Water Handling – where will the excess water drain?  What are the unique location soil or erosion regulations?  Are we recycling water?  Our site planning experts will answer these questions.

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